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No need to login on various IT systems
As an external project management consultant, I need an immediate access to the team meeting reports of all my clients. But, I do not need access to their corporate IT systems. With Flxion I now have access to the full meeting minutes and the tasks of each of the teams that I coach. And, of course, each team has only access to their own reports - they cannot read the other companies’ reports.
I can start off right away with each client The subscription of Flxion is so cheap, that I do not mind paying some credits for each of my clients. After five meetings, I only spent 1 euro. That is a lot cheaper than a mobile phone call, so why bother with the financials. It is much more important that I can start right away with every client, without them having to first ask permission to their bosses. And we get into action right after the first meeting. Yes !
Project management consultancy is about 'getting things done'
As a project management consultant specialised in the complexity of vast project portfolios for mid- and large-sized companies, I have many meetings with one main goal: get into action right away, when the meeting is over. Running in and out many meetings per day, it is crucial for my output and my results to take notes immediately, ensure we are all on the same plate, and agree on 'who does what’ before the end of each meeting.
Pre-sales, advisory, and scrum meetings
As an external project management coach, I am confronted with a variety of meetings. From pre-sales, over management advisory, to detailed daily scrum meetings. For a series of customers, and a variety of teams. They all have one main goal in common: we have to start 'getting things done' right after the meeting. That’s why I now share a small report in each and every meeting - and I invite my clients to do the same.
Flxion Over De Backer Multi Pro

Ove De Backer (Multi-Pro) is a multi-project & resources management expert, who coaches several European mid- and large-sized companies to get more grip on the complexity of their vast portfolio of projects.After a substantial carreer as business unit and general manager, he now gets his expertise at work for a multitude of clients.