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Flxion is ‘on’ screen all the time
I think I use Flxion between three and five times a day. From the online coffee with an old network contact, over meetings with clients and prospects, all the way to board meetings and general assemblies. In every meeting I witness the benefits. All the attendants see the report being built up, so they can immediately reflect on nuances, decisions, and tasks. And afterwards all the preparations, notes, and tasks remain accessible for everyone - even if they work in a different company and have no access to our IT systems.
It’s sooooooo easy
It is so easy to start live-sharing a meeting report. I open a new report, edit its title, and add the attendants. I either select them from my previous list, or add their e-mail address and ready. They get the invite, accept the terms, and drop into the report at once. They can read the agenda, follow my report writing, debate the nuances, and understand who does what by when before the meeting is over.
A huge time-saver for this busy advisor
Whatever meeting I have, I always liked to share a small report with concrete todo’s for all the attendees once the meeting is over. But since I am running from one meeting to the other, many of those small reports are still awaiting fifteen extra minutes of my time. Now I share my notes with the attendees during the meeting. By the end of the meeting, the report is ready, and we all know what was agreed. This is such a time-saver !
Pay per use is a cheap start
I like the idea that you pay per use. Whatever the use, I never pay more than needed. On the other hand, now that I am sharing more and more meeting preparations, and my use of Flxion gets much more intense, I am happy that Flxion also offers a monthly subscription that includes all the options I need. If I see how much more efficient I got, the couple of euro per month is a no-brainer in my P&L.
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Jan Lagast is the founding father of ImpactBuilders. At ImpactBuilders Advisory & Coaching, Jan is a senior management advisor. In the division of Ideation & Venturing, he is the main Vision Architect, as well as a major investor in many of the startups that are created and grown by ImpactBuilders.