23 October 2020
Flxi 20201022 Madein2

Support from the Eastern Flanders business e-news

We were very happy to discover that Made In Oost-Vlaanderen supports Flxion. The business e-news from our Belgian home base made a great article on the availability of the Flxion app to live-share the report writing of meetings, in order to get more meetings into real action.
23 October 2020
Flxi 20201023 Mfm

Hybrid working on local radio MFM

Today, we were live on Radio MFM, the local radio station in South-East Flanders. DJ Guy De Clercq called for an interview on the actual topic "hybrid working".
23 October 2020
Flxion Vision

Over 100 registrants

In the week of the press launch, Flxion already attracted 100 users to test its system - as well as the first subscriptions. Yesterday, we had our first client sales pitch and several parties have been knocking on the door to partner.
13 September 2020
Flxion Join The Ugent Alumni

Join the 300 UGent Alumni on hybrid working

On 20 October 2020, the alumni association of the engineering faculty of the University of Ghent (AIG) is organising their first online version of the successful Update@Campus event.